Case: Sammanslaget is one of Sweden's largest design competitions for students. This year it was the cinema Roy who gave us the task of coming up with an idea and a concept to increase the number of visitors and at the same time find a solution to finance a renovation of the cinema.
This in 73 hours, together with all media and communication courses at Yrgo, we would come up with, create and present our idea. The presentation would first take place on two panels (70cmx100cm) for people in the industry and a jury who would then vote on 3 out of 19 contributions that go on to a presentation at the cinema.

Process: Two days of idea work. We worked a lot with the double diamond process to get ahead. Once our idea was set, work began to visualize a clear, simple and eye-catching panel. We wanted to provoke and appear, have a bold and airy design with clear steps. Tests, proof sheets and changes were in progress for three days then it was sent to print. After that the work began to put together a presentation and a compendium.

Solution: Den Sista Filmen (The Last Movie) is a concept where the cinema assumes that they should shut down and that create buzz in town. Shortly thereafter, they assume that it is a closure due to renovation and urge people to vote on what the first movie to be shown in the newly renovated cinema should be. We expect a great spread in newspapers and on social media when the cinema is…. for the Gothenburg people. We were one out of three groups that was voted to do a presentation, so happy and proud about that!


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